Approach to Pricing

We believe that when you seek legal advice, costs should not be a mystery. We will tell you in advance what you can expect to pay for our expertise.

In terms of process; to provide you with an accurate costing we will discuss with you up front what you are looking to achieve and what we can do to help you. We will then send you an engagement letter setting out:

  • Our understanding of what you need
  • Information about the services we will provide
  • A price and timeframe for these services
  • Details of when and how payment should be made

If you decide to work with us we will look for ways to ensure the job is completed efficiently and within agreed cost estimates.

Because we’re smaller what you pay for is our expertise, not a complex business infrastructure.

If issues arise outside of our control that will have cost implications, we will discuss these with you at the time. It is important to us that there will be no surprises when you receive our invoice.